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the Magical Reality of Contemporary American Expressionist, George Brinner


Original Paintings at Direct-from-the-Artist's-Studio Prices - Now FREE shipping contiguous USA 


All Original Paintings Shipped Free

Contiguous USA.

Special this Month - A New Original Oil


"Cottonwood at Canyon River Bend"

is a masterful diptych that immerses viewers in the dramatic beauty of a canyon landscape. This striking piece features two vivid landscape paintings set side by side, seamlessly forming a cohesive, breathtaking scene. Measuring 46" x 72", the artwork captures the grandeur of towering red rock cliffs that command the eye with their presence.
Flowing through the canyon is the winding Colorado river, infusing the scene with movement and life. The riverbanks are adorned with vibrant yellow Cottonwoods of autumn. The sky is punctuated with clouds that lend depth and contrast to the earthy tones of the cliffs and the lively greenery below. This fusion of warm and cool colors creates a dynamic natural vista.
Rendered in oil on canvas, the artist's painterly style breathes life into every detail, from the rugged textures of the cliffs to the reflective shimmer of the river. This piece is a testament to the artist's ability to capture the essence of nature's beauty, creating a scene that is both serene and exhilarating. "Cottonwood at Canyon River Bend" is a celebration of nature's splendor, perfectly blending the tranquility of the natural world with the artist's imagination. 


Unless otherwise specified, the canvas panels will be shipped in free frames originally made for my own display and the painting's protection. 

Gallery priced at $10,500, priced only here for


including all S&H contiguous USA - others please inquire

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