the magic reality 

of painter and novelist

George Brinner


       Two years at John Herron Art Institute, where I had the good fortune to work with great teachers and artists like Loren Dunlap and Bill Crutchfield, resulted in a scholarship from Tulane University's Sophie Newcomb in New Orleans.

    The abstract expressionists were all the rage in the art world then; DeKooning and that crowd. (Abstract expressionist, Helen Frankenthaler, was one of my instructors at Tulane.)  My work became more painterly and less representational over the next few years under these influences.

       After Tulane I was selected to assist Loren Dunlap on the Owenite restoration Project in New Harmony, Indiana and was an adviser and instructor for the Blaffer Foundation Art Project that followed.

     I came to the Hawaiian Island of Maui by chance in the summer of nineteen seventy eight. Among my earliest projects was a series of large imaginary landscape paintings in oil on canvas loosely based on island locations. The start of what would become a long affiliation with Lynn Shue and her Village Gallery was one of the things that convinced me my chances of survival as an artist were about as good on Maui as any other place and  the island has remained home to this day. Since the summer of 2014 I have also been living in Arizona.

    (I owned The Maui Outrigger, a great beachside restaurant, in the 80's, and, until 2015,  I also owned a  local's favorite dive bar in Kihei called Kahale Beach Club  where I occasionally took refreshment with an assortment of my favorite bar flies or hobnobbed with the rich and famous or just watched the whales play.)


My new surreal fantasy novel, 'Einstein in Flamingoland' is now available here and on Amazon. 


     Magical realism, an offbeat and darkly humorous satire, a surreal look into an urban fantasy world of mystery and a search for the secret to life's design. 86000words – digital and 6”x 9” paperback formats


My paintings are in private and public collections across the USA, Europe and Japan. They are included in the public collections of the Houston Museum of Art, Tulane University, The Blaffer Foundation Collection, and the Hawaii State Foundation for Culture and the Arts. Jury selections of note include The Illinois Artist's Exhibition at the Chicago Art Institute and three Indiana Artist's Annual Exhibitions. More than twenty pieces have been accepted by jury to the prestigious Annual Art Maui Exhibitions. I was one of only four painters selected for the first two editions of  Hawaii's Schaefer Portrait Challenge and one of the eleven artists  invited to be part of the singular 'Witness to Time' exhibition in conjunction with the art of Edward Bailey and the Bailey House Museum 

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