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'Bryce Canyon I'

is a 48"x30" oil on canvas. It was painted in my Arizona studio in November of 2023 from color noted drawings and photographs taken on location at Utah's Bryce Canyon on a visit there in 2022. The image is somewhat abstract and features a vivid color palette of crimson, rust, amber and dark purple shades, with patches of light yellow for a strong contrast. The combination of colors and shapes gives the painting its strong sunlit canyon impression. The overall texture is smooth, without pronounced brushstrokes, enhancing the abstract interpretation of the canyon landscape. The focus is on the play of light, shadow, and color, rather than fine details, which gives the work its dynamic and bold character. Prepared for hanging, it will be shipped in a FREE gallery style painted wood frame originally made for the painting's protection and my own display. A Certificate of Authenticity will be included.   Gallery priced at $4,400.00. 


including shipping contiguous USA [others please inquire]

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