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A Walk in Kula Gardens right 40x16.jpg

'In a Kula Garden'

'In a Kula Garden' is painted in oils on three professional grade canvas panels mounted on heavy duty wood stretcher bars. The right and left panels each measure 40"x16" and the center panel measures 40"x30" for a total image size of 40"x62".  The panels of this triptych feature an abstract expressionist style, using a blend of vibrant colors including shades of pink, green, orange, and hints of blue applied in a loose, spontaneous manner, creating an energetic and dynamic interaction. The brushwork is visible and fluid, emphasizing the rhythm of colors as they move across the canvas.
The use of color and form does not represent any specific objects or figures, which is characteristic of abstract art. The three panels work together to create a cohesive visual experience, but each panel can also stand alone as an individual piece of art. The composition is balanced yet organic, inviting viewers to engage with the piece and interpret it according to their personal experiences and emotions. Framed and displayed as shown in the primary photo here, the overall measurement is 41"x 69". Unless you specify otherwise, 'In a Kula Garden' will be shipped in free frames originally made for my own display, as shown, with the certificate of authenticity enclosed. Gallery priced at $7,800.00, it is offered only here, direct from my studio for


Including all S&H contiguous USA - All others please inquire

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