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Oil on Canvas - 36"x48"

Judge's Choice for the prestigious Annual Art Maui Show and Schaefer Gallery Director's favorite. "Ralph", an image from a life drawing I did several years ago, is re-imagined on Keawakapu Beach on Maui's southern shore.

A middle-aged man of above average physique, wearing only a pair of dark purple-violet swim trunks, is prone directly on the sand of an otherwise deserted beach. Sunbathing? Eyes closed, arms rest at his sides. The surf behind the man is tranquil. Other than the main subject, the palette used is natural tones of beige, blue, and white. The artist's apt, deliberate, and expressionistic style adds to the mysterious atmosphere of this day at the beach.  'Ralph' will be shipped in a wood gallery-style frame originally made for the painting's protection and my own display, prepared for hanging with a certificate of authenticity enclosed.

 The painting, gallery priced at $5200.00, is now available only here for


including shipping in contiguous USA.

Questions?  please inquire at or by text [480] 599-8425


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