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'Nude Lady on Orange Striped Throw'

'Nude Lady' is a 33"x 40" oil painting on canvas. Muted shades of green, yellow, and orange dominate the composition.  Limiting detail, broad swathes of color are used to define the figure and background in this abstract figurative painting. The background suggests an indoor setting through hints of vertical lines. Being non-representational, the focus is on form and color. The features of the figure are conveyed through planes of color, giving the work a dreamy, ethereal quality. The overall effect is one of contemplation, inviting the viewer to interpret the scene through the lens of their own imagination. 
Begun while I was visiting my parents at their Arizona home in 2010, it had remained in storage there until 2020 when I completed the work and finally mounted the canvas on a cradled beechwood panel. It will be shipped in a free gallery-style wood frame made for the painting's protection and my own display prepared for hanging along with its Certificate of Authenticity.


shipped contiguous USA. Others, please inquire

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