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Although all the original art presented here is offered well below gallery prices, even many of those generous offers are not set in stone, especially in the case that multiple pieces are being considered - But if you do make an offer, I need assurance that you are serious about adding the works in question to your collection. In order to do that, funds for your offer must be deposited in brinnerArt's account at Paypal where the deposit will be placed on hold until the offer process is completed. I may reject your offer and return your deposit. I may accept your offer and contact you for special instructions. I may counter your offer, which you may accept or reject, or you may make a new offer, beginning the process again - not nearly as complicated as it first sounds. Offers are entertained asap, usually within the day, but allow up to 48 hours for contact to be made.  The main thing is that your funds are guaranteed safe by us and Paypal's buyer protection policies until transaction is completed and then until either your purchase or refund has been received.


Have all item and contact information at hand before you make your offer through this Paypal button. Thank you. 

You can rest easy with our 

Seven Day No-Questions-Asked 

Return Policy

on your online purchase of my original art



The internet  makes it possible to show you my original work, it allows me to offer you studio-direct prices - a huge savings on gallery prices for comparable pieces of my work. And, your purchase of original work from brinnerArt is 100% safe. Each piece is exactly as represented and  guaranteed to be so by both me and the purchaser protection policies at Paypal, our payment processor.

Using past experience as a guide, qualms you may have had in making your decision will be proved unwarranted on your first 'in person' viewing after your paintings arrive - size, subtle variations of texture and color -  it is impossible for these special qualities that make a great painting to fully register in an internet image. Most likely your choice will exceed expectations.

But, Just in Case - we maintain a liberal no-questions-asked return policy.


 You may return your  original art purchase within seven days of its receipt for a full refund minus our packing and shipping expenses. (Return packing and shipping charges are  your responsibility. Refund will be authorized within 24 hours of receipt of undamaged purchase.)

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