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'River Bend Grand Canyon 2'

'River Bend Grand Canyon' is a 40"x30" expressionist landscape oil on gesso-prepared canvas gallery wrapped over center-braced stretcher bars. The perspective is from an arial view into the gorge carved by the meandering blue ribbon of the Colorado, contrasting with the warm tones of the rocky terrain. The palette is dominated by rich, warm hues— shades of red, orange, and purple suggest the interplay of light across the rugged landscape. The colors are bold yet nuanced, capturing the natural beauty and depth of the canyon. Paint texture is smooth, with little indication of brushstrokes, giving the artwork a serene quality. The composition is skillfully balanced between the vast expanses of rock formations and open sky.
Foreground details include a cluster of greenery, adding a touch of life to the otherwise barren vista. These plants provide scale and contrast against the earthen tones. The overall effect is a contemplative representation of a majestic landscape. 'River Bend' will be crated and shipped in a free gallery-style frame originally made for its protection and my own gallery display prepared for hanging with its certificate of authenticity included. Gallery priced at $3800.00, I am offering it here for


including all S&H continental USA - All others please inquire

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