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'Summer of Haiku'

Strange, but the three phases of Haiku and the uncountry village of that name came to mind as I prepared to begin work on the three panels of what would become "Summer of Haiku". Also, in that beginning, I thought of the five - seven - five pattern of a traditional Haiku. Little of this was considered once the painting began and one mark suggested the next until the work was done. 'Summer at Haiku" is a triptych, an oil painting on three canvas panels. The left and right panels are each 40"x16" and the center panel is 40"x30" for an overall image size of 40"x62". Wall space necessary to display as shown in primary image is 66 inches. The painting will be shipped in free frames as shown in the primary image here, prepared for hanging unless otherwise specified. The painting's certificate of authenticity will be enclosed. Gallery priced at $7200.00, 'Summer of Haiku' is offered here for


including all S&H contiguous USA - Others please inquire

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